After my studies, I will earn €2400 a month and my girlfriend will earn €14000 a month. It is fine for me to feel completely jealous?

Best Answer:

Pim: You both made choices for your effort, hers pays more than yours. There's no reason for jealosy (a negative energy that will sap the life out of your relationship, if you let it get in the way). Neither of you will earn that amount, unless you find an employer willing to pay that amount.

Those are figures used to predict future earning power, not what you'll actually earn. You both also need to find your own way toward employment post education. Part of selecting your future vocation should be learning the effort required to earn the skills that will lead you in that direction, as well as the level of comfort, the amount of time that you'll be able to spend with your family, as well as the level of compensation at the end of your training.

Are there additional skills or training needed in order to kick it up to another future career level and how much time to get to a comfort level that you'll consider to be successful, and provide a comfortable life you your family? Keep those things in mind, as you embark upon the journey that is your life. Focus on future career goals as you work toward them, build upon your future plans, and all will be well. Know that the work is hard, and may not always come easy. You will need to learn and remember the art of negotiation, barter and trade in your profession, and keep those things firmly in mind as you go about learning your trade.

Also, never consider another person's income in the equations needed to be financially comfortable – for they may not always last, or be there when you expect them to be. You might also want to look into a secondary career choice, to fall back on, if injury prevents you from continuing in this physically demanding line of work. (No one ever starts off as captain, you start off as a mate, and work your way up to captain.)

Other answer:

Jealousy is something you have and want to keep. Envious is something someone else has and you want it. So, you would be envious, not jealous.

If you're happy with your 2400 salary and want to keep it, you'd be jealous. If you're not happy and want your GFs 14000 income, you'd be envious.

Its natural to feel jealous just don't let it affect your relationship…
only if you personally feel it is not fair
You make a very good wage yourself, so there is no need to feel jealous, even though she makes much more than you. You should be happy and pleased that your both on very good wages and that your futures look secured.
Jake No Chat:
Feelings are fine, you are okay to have whatever feelings you have. But let your actions be what people know you for. You can feel jealous (not "completely" though), but be proud and supportive of your girl.
Just keep in mind you're thinking like a sexist, and try to change it and respect her.
Very hard

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