All you vets who voted for Trump. Can kiss your retirement check good by. No more going to the military grocery for you next month.?

Well they rather have republicans in charge of the country and the economy. Republicans are against everything to help us Americans. Unemployment compensation food stamps welfare. Social Security Disability EVERYTHING. WELL I WOULDN'T FEEL SORRY FOR THEM.

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Republicansareinsane: Sadly it is true. Trumps people view the VA as a waste of money

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This is a bunch of Nonsense!! Trump has no intentions of shutting down the VA, in fact he wants to strengthen the programs so the veterans can receive their rightful benefits in a simple and easy manner. He, like many of us, are unhappy with the mismanagement of the VA Hospitals that have caused delays in treatment.
there is much wrong at the VA but there are people in Congress that Trump will not be able to convince to abandon it, there is far too much invested in this organization
hopefully he will get it revamped and improved but abandon? not likely
I was not aware that the commisssaries were part of the VA, I learned something today
Bada Bing:
They will see where things stand in a couple of years, and regret their vote this year.
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Asshole still sore from the election results?

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Ain't gonna happen.
jean ann j:
Trump will not allow that.
conservative ideals:
Careful what you vote for, You might get what you vote for.

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