Am I eligible for Food Stamps while living with and taking care of my 90 year old mother?

She doesn't claim me as a dependent.

I don't pay rent but I pay my own bills and for half of the food.

My income has dropped to about $5000 while taking care of her full time.
$5000 a year.

Best Answer:

MARC: $5000 a year, yes, likely. $5000 a month, no, sorry.
EDIT: AT $5000 A YEAR, I THINK YOU MUST APPLY. CAN YOU/SHE QUALIFY FOR MEDICAIDE? You've earned it. Get any benefits you are eligible for or others will.

Other answer:

Look up "family caregiver" and the place in which you live.
There are programs to pay for someone in your situation.…
Yes. But don't expect too much in food stamp…they have a cap on the the most ever gotten was about $270.00. It was better than nothing.

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