Are All Individual bank routing numbers the same?

direct deposit for taxes

Best Answer:

Ella: No, each bank has their own number like an ID number , but all of that banks branches (most of the time) have the same routing number because they are still the same bank. However there are a few banks that have to many branches, and to help them with locations and internal accounts that they have more than one routing number. If you are unsure of your routing number and you have a checking account it is the set of numbers at the bottom next to your account and check number. If you are still unsure then call your bank they will give it to you, because giving the wrong routing number for direct deposit will cause the money NOT to go in to your account at all, or it could take a lot longer than getting the check in the mail. Direct deposit however is a beautiful thing, just like CASH.

Other answer:

every bank is different. Branches of the same bank have the same number
No, some have multiple numbers from bank mergers. So you should make sure that you have the proper routing number for your account. For example when I looked up Chase routing numbers some time ago they somewhere around 27 different routing numbers and at least one of them was from acquiring Washington Mutual's assets when they went bankrupt.

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