Are only unsuccessful people on welfare?

I'm in university and I know some kids here that get Centrelink because their parents don't earn enough money per year.
But I can't get it because both my parents work in high class banks an earn well over the average salary.

Best Answer:

Anonymous: Welfare is there to help you get back on your feet. Only lazy, people with a problem (e.g. drug addiction) and/or unmotivated people who want to live on scraps stay on welfare for long.

Other answer:

that is a very naïve question to ask.

I suppose you consider yourself successful… so let me ask you this… You have a job, its a good job and pays reasonably well.. it pays your rent in a nice apartment, runs you a decent car etc… but 2 years later you turn up to work to be told your job has been taken over by a computer, you need to clear your desk and go home..3 months later you have had no money come in at all and run out of savings to pay your bills… you need to claim welfare or take a minimum wage job immediately just to get some money coming in … are you suddenly 'unsuccessful' or just someone who is going through a bad period ?

That depends on what you mean by "unsuccessful". If you define it as "not making much money", then I suggest your definition is overly narrow.
Kathy S:
Why would you want to do this, if your parents have the means to help you. It would be fraud.

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