Bank help?

One of the banks I'm using stole money from me.. how do I make them give it back

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samantha: Just call the bank and ask

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a check or debit card for payment, or getting behind on a credit card, or other loan issued by that same bank………
the funds are called fees, which were spelled out in the account documents the provided when you opened the account… it it not their fault that you didn't read or understand them… however, part of their provisions involves them having the ability to change the fees, at any point in time, with 1 month's advance notice, which usually is included with your bank statement… if you elect to receive e-statements, it is up to you to read what is included with the statement…

if you don't like bank fees, you'll need to shop around and look for banks with low or minimal fees… the bank shall not take money from you for any other reason than a deposit did not clear, or when directed to by some action initiated by you like auto-pay, or presenting a check or debit card for payment, or getting behind on a credit card, or other loan issued by that same bank…

Mortal Dimunitive:
By law they can not only keep it but call the FBI and have you arrested for stolen money and harassment
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If you'd give more info on what happened, it would be easier to give you suggestions.
More info please if you want people to help you. what exactly do you mean by 'steal' ? According to another of your posts, your bank has disabled your on-line banking access – do you perhaps mean that ?

Either way, it sounds like you are having 'issues' with your account – so I suggest the first move would be to go into your bank branch and ask to speak to someone and get them to explain that is happening.

if they have disabled on-line banking and you are struggling to access your account, then you need to try and find out why what happened.

If they have taken $x from your account – is it bank charges? Or have you signed up to something without realizing and they have taken a first payment for it and the bank have allowed the payment ?

But I am only guessing here. And the only people that can sort it out is the bank

Well go in there and make a scene. By doing things two things may happen, you could get your money back OR you could get shot by the police either way is better then losing money to the government

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