Besides online surveys and street performing, what are some ways to make small amounts of money?

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Sasha: Beg. Be aware that by doing the online surveys, you're inviting a lifetime of marketing via every phone number, e-mail address and street address you give them.

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Good evening!
I can tell you a couple of sites I used to make some money on the internet over the last three months 🙂
The first one is called clixsense: you watch videos, fill in surveys, click on adds, test new apps for money – my personal favorite!
The second website is called ebesucher: it is basically an autosurf website, you leave a browser window open all the time, it doesn't make you that much, but here in Ireland it's a decent 6 euros per month:
The third one I would recommend is called spare5: they hand out tasks, like categorise items, help improve computer vision, which is nice, because you're basically helping the future development of smart cars and stuff like that! For example, you are asked to check whether or not the computer correctly detected that there are no people on the picture. Yesterday I made 70 dollars on this app, although I must add, this is rather the exception than the rule!

These are small tasks posted by developers now and then to judge their design:

And last but not least, this is one of the best paying sites for filling in surveys, but especially for just watching videos! Unfortunately I do not live in the UK, US, India, Canada or Australia, but those who do can make a lot of money out of it – a dollar or two a day per tab watching videos! Fill in this registration code for a bonus: 11E79269A7.

Hope I could help you 🙂

Kind regards from rainy Ireland,


Love big words:
Sell blood plasma.

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