Bill Gates has about 80 billion dollars. Should he still continue to make money, or could he retire and enjoy his life?

Because, people act like we should get all the money we can get, no matter how much money we have.

Best Answer:

thegreatone: It's not work to him…it's just his life.

Other answer:

gates retired four years ago in 2013, and has been enjoying "giving his money away" ever since………

do at least try to keep up!

Flatulent Tea Bag Face:
If he didn't do any work at all he'd still make millions in interest.
if he wants to keep working that is his business not yours or mine, you sound like someone jealous of his success
Bill Gates retired many years ago and has been working with charities with the money he has.
Donald B:
Bill Gates has retired and has set up a huge foundation to give most of his money away.
He is retired. In his leisure time he runs the, "Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation," with his wife.
If Bill Gates is still "working", it's because that is what he wants to do.
Bill Gates gives away 95% of wealth to charity via their Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation…

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