Can a single person in Cleveland, Ohio live comfortably and/or without government assistance with $20,000 a year?

I know that the poverty line for a single person in Ohio is around $11,000. However, I'm not sure just how much of a difference in living on $20,000 would make. Would there be times where government assistance might be needed, or could the person be completely fine with no assistance at all?

Best Answer:

Khamari: That depends almost entirely on your fixed costs, mainly housing (including utilities), transportation, and food.

One of our kids managed to live for two years on a minimum wage job in a more expensive area than Cleveland, but she got free meals often and owned a car outright, rather than making car payments.

What I'd suggest you do is look into what it costs to rent a small place in a decent neighborhood, and what it will cost to get to work, either in your own car or by bus. If you're willing to cook and reasonably smart in the grocery store, you can keep food prices down–and food is the easiest thing to get from charitable organizations and individuals.

Other answer:

I think you would be stinking poor at $20k/year.
Fifteen years ago, I was living on $22,000 a year, and it was a struggle. With inflation, it's bound to be even worse now. Rents have risen. Everything is more expensive.
I think it would be really rough in a big city.
LIve yes, but comfortably, not really, although everyone's definition is different..
A Hunch:
Unless you have other sources of help (family), the no one can live "comfortably" on $20K a year.
Having a child will make it extra difficult.

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