Can banks transfer money to another bank?

My friends and I are renting a beach house in NC this summer, I live down here, they live in OH. They need to send me their money so I can pay for the place. Now, can their bank transfer the money to my bank? They have Huntington and I have SECU. Anyone know?

Best Answer:

Virginia: Yes, you may transfer money from your bank to theirs, but it can take a couple of days depending on the banks. If it would have been the same bank, it would be an instant transfer.
I recommend you, that if you and your friends are members of Pay Pal, you could also transfer money with them. They are more secure to me. I've done it before. But either way, check out the fees involved and compare with the time it'll take.
Hope to have helped you!

Other answer:

Yes, it is called a wire. Just get the info and have one bank wire it to the other
Yes you can. And there will be aa fee.
Yes. It's called wire transfer, Just go into your bank. The funds should be available within 3 hours.
Or course they can. It's done millions of times a day. Someone's giving TDs when they don't know what they're talking about.
yes. It'll cost around $30
They can write you a check …
From any bank to any other bank. It's done every day.

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