Can i cash a check anywhere at a bank without a bank account?

i got my first paycheck today and i have no idea how and where to cash it? help?

Best Answer:

Robertson: your mother knows best.

just say the amount you want and then the pump number.

ex. $20 on 2 and if the amount you want doesnt fit in the tank you can go back and ask for "change from pump2"

either you're a beginner or you're a spoiled person that had mommy's credit card before.

Other answer:

There are check cashing places, but they usually charge too much. Grocery stores will often do this, but a small part 2-5% is usually either charged or more often given back to you as vouchers used like cash in their store to insure you at least spend a token amount with them for for what is a service they are providing. This is completely reasonable and fair.

Banks usually charge a small fee too, but less than check cashing businesses.

One exception, usually if you go to the bank, the check check is drawn on (in other words where the person paying you banks [it will be printed on the checked usually in the lower left area, but can be elsewhere]) they will cash it for free. BUT NOT ALWAYS. They may still charge a small fee, but less likely since you are cashing a check from their customer.

Banks and businesses operate for profit, so charging if you don't keep an account there is fair.

You will usually need a picture ID and sometimes another ID. Like a library card, credit card etc. I do not suggest showing your social security card, but if you must, a bank is one of the safer places to do so.

I don't know if you are, but if you are a teen a store or bank may cash it for free, because you a a young person and the check is for a relatively small amount.

Best thing is to open an account as soon as you can, even if it is a small savings account which requires usually a rather small deposit and it helps you save!

Until then try the places in this order.

1. The bank the check is drawn on, if there is a branch in your area

2. A grocery store (You'll probably get a small part in store vouchers instead of cash, but it will be small and you can use it like money at that store.

3.A nearby bank ( still a fee but less than at #4)

4. A check cashing business (look in the yellow pages under check cashing or similar). This will cost you the most and it is a fee so you will pay that part 2-10% to them the service

5. Sometimes pawn shops do this but they will charge at least as much as #4 and sometimes more.

you will need ID at all places, uness it is a really small town and evryone knows you (still you may). Also in a small town any bank might cash it for free, especially if you are a teen. But if you are an adult, not likely.

You should be able to cash it at any bank but most banks charge a fee around 3 dollars if you don't have an account. Or find out what bank your employer uses and go to that bank it will be free.
Best to take it t the bank it was written from. So if it is a Bank of America check, go to one of their branches. Some grocery stores will cash payroll checks too but charge a fee.
Go to Walmart, they will likely cash it for you.

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