Can I cash a check in my new last name if i havent changed it yet?

Okay I got married in aprilI haven't chanhaven't last name yet and I got a bonus check from work with my last name! Can I still cash it if my last name has not changed yet but I can show my marriage license?!?! or what is the quickest way to change it?!

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Abigail: try a money mart, or cash loans… or open up an account

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I'm sorry, but I'm not very knowledgeable when it comes to a marriage license, does it contain a photo ID as well as birth date and current address?

Most places won't cash a check for you without photo ID issued by the government and your social security number.

My question would be why the hell you haven't found the time since April to change your last name.

technically, you're supposed to have your new id, but i used to work at a bank and i would take your old license and your marriage license as proof. there's no harm in trying. they should do itl
No, idiot. the law is the law. if it isnt legal you cant do it. get your name legally changed or have the person write you a new check with your current legal name, and return the old one

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