Can i cash in a personal check even if he doesnt have enough funds in his bank account?

My friend gave me a check for $3500 and i dont think he has enough funds in his bank account to cover that 3500. Can i still cash the check in and get $3500 in cash today? if not is there any way for me to get that money today? i really need it today

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Hudson: try the post office. or some shops may accept them. As long as the money order does not have not negotioble across it. it should be ok. The post office is your best bet though, or try a bank if they ask for ID.

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you can cash it but your friend will get in trouble with the bank if the check bounces. he will pay extra fees. this is the premise of nigerian 419 scams. they give you a cheque to cash and the bank will give you the money but after 3 or 4 days they will find out there was no money in the account from which it was drawn, and will go after the account holder. banks work on trust, so yeah you can cash it today if you want but know your friend will eventually get in trouble with his bank
The solution is to go to his bank and cash the check (any branch). That way if the check isn't good, they will know right away, and you won't get the money. If you try to cash it at YOUR bank, you will owe them the money, plus a fee.
One Who Sits on Pizza:
No. Of course not.

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