Can I close a bank account without visiting the branch?

I want to close my bank accounts by sending a letter with all my details to the Bank.
Do you think they will say yes? What will they do if they find I am owing a bit of money to them?

Best Answer:

Connor: To prevent fraud, if you don't show up in person with an ID they may require the letter to be notarized. You can find out very quickly by phoning the bank and asking them what the correct procedure is.

If your accounts have a negative balance, it is possible they will not close the accounts until you have paid off the money you owe. If that is the reason you want to close them by letter rather than in person, their policy on closing accounts when money is owed is probably the same either way.

Other answer:

You need to go into a branch to close the account. If there are pending items, you won't be able to close it.
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If you are closing it while there is a balance remaining, the bank will deduct what you owe. No balance? you will need to pay what you owe to protect your credit record.
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They will insist you pay them.

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