Can i deposit my mom's check into my account? NEED HELP ASAP?

MY mom gave me a chek that was issued to her she told me to put it in my account
How does it work if the check says her name not mine?
Does she have to come to the bank with me?

Best Answer:

clayton: You can deposit the check into your bank account provided your mom endorses the check over to you. If the bank is unfamiliar with your mom, they may require her to be present to endorse it in front of them with her ID so they can verify she is legitimately signing it over to you. Then you can endorse it and put it into your account. Keep in mind that by depositing the check, you are agreeing to take responsibility for that check should it be returned to the bank unpaid for any reason.

Other answer:

you should be able to do this, but you need to check with your bank as to what mom needs to do.

the question begs – why does mom want her money paid into someone else's account. Be careful here and do NOT give her any of the money against the check until it has fully cleared ! By that I mean, if the check is say for $100 – you pay it in and she demands $100 from you that same day. You withdraw the 100 from your account to pay her. A week later, you get informed that her check has bounced and the money hasn't gone into your account, BUT you have still withdrawn the $100 – so it could put you into debt

On the back of the check write in: Pay to Order of [ACCOUNT HOLDER's NAME] and your Mother will sign first then your signature for a deposit to your account.
Rhythm of the Falling Rain:
If your mother endorses the check, you can but you need to find a bank that will allow you to deposit the check as second endorser.
D J:
Your Mom would have to sign the check over to you, then you can deposit it.
the bank has to be shalling to take a second party check…
Your mother needs to sign the back of it over to you but do not take any funds out for over 2 weeks it is a bad check. The bank will tag you if it is bad and your credit will be bad for 7-10 years.
the check is made out to her, she signs it on the back and that should allow you to cash it or deposit in your bank
your bank might be hesitant about it, not all banks have the same measures of security
Linda R:
Your mother MUST sign the back of the check, you sign it and you can deposit it…..simple.
Max Hoopla:
The bank has to be willing to take a second party check.

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