Can I get a job in the UK with a prepaid debit card?

I cant get a bank account because its a long story.. but will employers accept a pre paid debit card? Which ones are best?

Best Answer:

Ted: No, because an employer can't pay into that. They will want an account with a sort code and account number so they can pay you by direct transfer through the banking system. But there are ways…

OK, you can't get a current account, but you should be able to have a basic account, which is the same thing with no cheque book and no overdraft facility. Because you can't go overdrawn, it's safe for a bank to let you have one even with bad credit. It's the basis of accounts for young people so they can have a debit card even though they can't borrow because they're under 18. It might not be obvious (and banks certainly don't make a point of advertising it) but they all have one. Dig around on the web site of any retail bank and you should be able to find their version of this somewhere under "current accounts".

Just out of historical interest to explain why these things even exist, basic accounts were introduced when, around 30 years ago, the government started pressuring pensioners and people getting other social security to get paid by direct transfer to a bank, because it was much cheaper than paying in cash at a post office (and also safer than carting all that cash around to post offices in Securicor vans). Oh, the squeals about not getting it in cash… but more importantly, the cry of "but a bank won't give me a current account!" Well then, other kinds of bank account had to be created that you CAN have, and under government pressure, they all introduced one (and so did the Post Office). It certainly made it less worthwhile to try robbing a post office or mugging a pensioner on pension day.

Savings accounts are possible too, if they're the kind where you can put money in and take it out at any time. My Mum was paid by direct credit into an "instant saver" account with Santander, and now she's retired, she still gets her state pension that way. And there are no credit problems with a savings account because it's just not possible to take more out than there is in it. Yes, you might find that it has some kind of account number that doesn't fit into the normal banking system, but the bank or building society will be able to tell you what sort code and account number to use, and you quote their own account number as the "reference".

Before you open one of those, check that they will allow direct transfers in, though. If they'll provide all the numbers for it, of course they will.

So there ARE options. Try for a basic account as then you'll have a debit card.

Other answer:

No, but you might be able to get a Post Office account.
No, but they'll pay you by cheque and then you can just cash it instead of banking it.
No legitimate employer in the UK is going to hire someone who "can't get a Bank Account", I'm afraid…you might just as well tell them your "long story" because they will uncover it anyway when they do a Credit Check on you prior to making a job offer….

You're gonna need a job to pay off that eleven-hundred quid (plus a boatload of fees & interest by now!) that you still owe the phone company, right?

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