Can i have two bank accounts?

I currently have a bank account with nationwide, and i want to also open one with Barclay's. Am I allowed to do this?

Best Answer:

acacia: You can have as many accounts as you wish..

Each bank has it's own rules on how many accounts you have per person.
Nationwide – limits to 4 Current Accounts per person

Lloyds, TSB, Santander all limit to 2 per "relationship"
so 2 for you, 2 for a spouse and 2 for a 'joint account' for example.
(TSB pay 3% on their current accounts upto 1500 per account)

Halifax, I seem to recall was 1 per relationship (but could be 2)

Barclays.. no idea off hand, but ask them.

Other answer:

you can have as numerous bank accounts as you want…
you can have as many accounts as you like
you can have as numerous as you want……… i currently have 8………
Yes, if they are free; otherwise, I may be costly.
Kathy S:
You can have ten of them if you want to.
D J:
You can have as many accounts as you have money to support them. I use to have an account with my credit union & Well Fargo.
You can have a thousand different bank accounts if you want. In fact wealthy people often have several because each account is only insured up to a certain amount.
Yeah sure i currently have two bank accounts

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