Can I open a new bank account online?

I want to close one with another bank and open a new account with a bank closer to my home How do I do this?

Best Answer:

Jamie: It's not very difficult to close and open an account. Banks must abide to a lot of regulations and laws and if a customer demands to close their account the bank must obey that order. Normally when you close an account the teller may ask if you want it in cash or a check, checks are more convenient but the downfall is when you open a new account there is a hold period for checks and your money will be frozen for several business days depending on the bank where as cash, you get immediate funds availability for your new account but can be a hassle to carry . When you open a new account at another financial institution you have to fill out forms and have a valid ID for them to have on record.

Other answer:

the bank has to have a valid signature card for each account, so you will need to go to the bank to sign it
it is entirely possible they will open other accounts for you but you will eventually need to sign the card
ibu guru:
You must go in person with proper identification.
I recommend before talking to your bank, interview the bank you'd like to change to, ask what their requirements (how much you have to keep in there at all times, starting amount, fees, etc.) are.
Then just walk in to your present bank, preferably before your next paycheck gets put in there automatically (if you do that)! You'll sign some stuff, they'll usually have a waiting period of a few weeks to make sure nothing outstanding shows up, and then you can go get the rest of your money.
Then go where you wanted with the money you want to start off with.
DR + Mrs Bears face:
You can open an on line account anywhere. It does need to be close to your home. You just go on line and open the account.
You'll have to go to the bank you want to start using. They want to SEE you and your driver's license and all that stuff.

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