Can I post date a check at walmart on wednesday afternoon for friday because i dont get paid til 12am friday?

yeah i know its probably stupid but i need groceries and dont my paycheck isnt direct deposited until friday morning. cant i post date a check for friday on wednesday and use it to buy food at walmart or should i wait til thursday to be safe?

Best Answer:

?: Postdating a check is illegal and walmart does not accept them that way. Just do like normal and write it early. Even if it hits the bank before the paycheck does then you will still have coverage from the bank.
If you need groceries, do what you have to do. I deal with this weekly as well. I keep a log in my mind as to the places that hold checks for the longest time in case I get into a bind. I never post date, because no one allows itbut I am aware of which places wait to deposit the checks.
There is a wells fargo bank in my local HEB, strangest thing. I had Wells fargo, and it took a week and a half for the check to hit the bank. HEB was using a federal credit union 100 miles away from the store, so it took longer for it go through processing. These things are important to know when you need groceries, right.
Walmart especially is good at being a week out. I believe you have time if you go Wednesday afternoon. I think you can beat the check. Be aware though, that sometimes you will run across a cashier who happens to not like the way you look and will run your check through as debit. It is out of meanness of course, and she is breaking the rules, but they don't punish the cashiers for doing it, and then you have to pay all of those fees. Just go in there and pretend all is cool, and don't ask questions and act normally and it should be all good. If the check bounces and you have to go pick it up, just tell the lady that you needed groceries, you had no other choice. They will understand and they will make sure you still have check writing priveledges.
Good Luck

Other answer:

No and writing a post-dated check is illegal. Walmart and Sams Club electronically process customer checks, so the money is taken out of your account immediately. Writing one on Thursday will not be safe.
It is against the law now to post date checks. Besides Walmart cashes the check on the spot.
In the US, even a post dated check can legally be deposited the INSTANT it is written. Walmart ELECTRONICALLY deposits you check before the receipt even prints.
You can post date it till the year 2525, but if you're here in the states, it can (and likely) will be cashed immediately.
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