Can i send credit card money to another bank account?

To a different bank too.

Best Answer:

tommy: I am not entirely sure what you mean by 'credit card money'. Do you mean your 'available balance'? If so, you can withdraw a certain percentage of that as cash, Then you are free to do what you like with that cash, including paying it into another bank account.

But please be aware, cash withdrawals are subject to interest charges from the day you take the money (there is NO interest free period) and most cards charge a higher interest rate for cash, than they do purchases. So like the other answerer rightly told you, cash advances are NOT a great idea

Other answer:

I saw a post once where someone wanted to take money from a credit card to deposit in their savings account totally oblivious to the fact that the cash advance fee and high interest that the credit card charges for the cash advance is much, much more than any savings account would pay. Even if you have 0% interest balance transfer teaser checks, it costs 3% to 5% in balance transfer fee, which 0.01% APR in a savings account is not going to pay for before the 0% expires.
Credit card money? There is no such thing unless you are referring to a cash advance, which is one of the most stupid things you can do with a credit card.
Love big words:

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