Can my mum see my bank account It s A Childs bank account with my name on it. if she can t how can I stop her?

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thecohman: Is your mother's name also on the account? Then you cannot do anything to stop her. If her name is not on the account and the bank has been giving account info to your mother, you complain to the branch manager and get this stopped. If your mother is not on the account and accessing your account online, change your password.

If you are an adult and both your names are on the account, you can go to the bank and remove your name from the account and open a new account with just your name on it. Your mother wouldn't be able to have access to the new account.

If you are a minor and the account is in both your names, there is no way to stop your mother from obtaining info on your account.

Other answer:

if you are a minor, ie a child, then you have no right to privacy and mum can see your bank accounts. Once you reach 18, then your financial affairs are private
If you are under 18, you need a legal adults name on that account and yes, they can see what they wish, they can also withdraw and use it. My mom stole the money in my account right before i turned 18.
Kathy S:
Yes, because as a minor, you can't legally make a contract with anybody. Any account you have, has to be with an adult. You might be able to make an account with your father, or a grandparent, instead of with her.
if you have a child's account it has to be with another adult who is able to see the account at any time, if this person is your mother, of course she can see it until you are 18
Get your own account that isn't a joint account. The entire point of a children's bank account is so that the parent is on charge.
If you are a minor, then she is on the account with you. She can see EVERYTHING and has a right to know EVERYTHING on it. You cannot stop her. She has a right to know about the charges on "her" account. When you are of legal age and can open "your own" account, then you can keep that account private. Until then, what you have is a "joint" account, not your own personal account.
If you are under 18 years old, I'm not sure you can stop her.
Until you're 18, she can control your money – nothing you can do about it
Mir Quasem:
She can see it if you are a child.

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