Can my parents deposit money into my checking account while I'm at college?

Can someone other than myself (My parents) deposit money into my bank account? if it helps I use citizens bank.

Parents want to know so they don't have to send checks and stuff in the mail every month since I'm going to school on the other side of the state.

Best Answer:

Keishlyann: No problem. It's only taking money OUT where of course a bank wants ID to make sure it's you. My family does this all the time – if I need to pay my sister, I know her account number and code, and it's easier for me to get to a branch of her bank when they're actually open than it is for her. So for me to deposit the money just makes sense, and the bank isn't bothered.

If you think about it, how would business accounts work otherwise? I've run a couple of these as a charity treasurer and I'm ME, not the charity. It's got to be possible for just anyone from the charity to go to the bank and deposit any checks we get.

Other answer:

Yes, deposits are fine. Technically anyone can deposit money directly into your account. It's the withdrawals that only you, or someone with power of attorney can do. Just give your parents your account number, and that is all they will need.
I Like Stories:
Anybody can deposit money into your account. It's the taking it out part that the bank cares about.
I could deposit money into your account if I had your account #. ANYONE can deposit. It is withdrawing from an account which is limited to only persons whose names on on that account.
Anyone can deposit money into your account.
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Yes. anyone can deposit money.
Linda R:
As long as you give them some deposit slips – they can do this.
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yeah… anyone can deposit money…

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