Can someone show me the way to become rich or things that can make me rich?

I'm 18 and I wanna be the first person in my family to become rich give back to my family and community it just bothers me because I can't do anything to help anything will help me I know it'll take time but whatever I can do will help

Best Answer:

Oreo-Lover: 1. Obtain marketable job skills.
2. Use said skills to find employment.
3. Live well beneath your means.
4. Invest wisely.
5. Be patient.

Other answer:

This might sound a bit philosophical and far fetched but it really works. Just as, to breathe-in you have to breathe out. To get something one has to give something. If you want to catch fish you have put first put bait; if you want riches you have to be charitable with money, time, share anything that you can. And be consistent, persevere and focused. It may take time because the universe, or God will test your resolve, but you will get riches or wealth back. Opportunities will come your way. That s how the system works; call it karma or whatever. You reap what you sow. Good deeds you do will return back as more goodness for you.
You can start by going to college and getting yourself a degree. Major in business. Or become an engineer or a doctor or a lawyer. You want to become rich? Then work for it.
Don't know what where how to use libraries in ur country ?
Plenty of books on how to get educated and started locally being self-employed.
Plenty of books on how to get started earning money.
Here libraries ARE free education
Do the nofap challenge and youll have energy to be succssful
have your heart removed then its a piece of cake

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