Can u ever deposit 20,000 dollars in your bank account?

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Travis: Yes you may. In the United States. I am not familiar with other countries. I complete transactions above that amount about every 3 months, or quarter (same difference). You can do this by wire, cash, or if you have an account with a mutual fund such as Fidelity or Vanguard, tie any of your accounts to 1 or more banks.

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Is Your Bank Deposit Really Yours
Let’s return to the issue of whether your money in the bank is really yours. The answer is probably ‘yes, but with conditions.’ And the real question, obviously, is whether bank deposits are…as safe as houses. The answer to that is more complicated.

First off, thanks for the many emails and comments regarding this issue. It’s obviously an important one for many people. As such, it needs to be treated carefully, but honestly. Do your own research and ask lots of questions if you’re not sure.

In the meantime, there are three important points to make about the whole subject. First, the best prevention against a banking crisis is a well-regulated industry where authored deposit taking institutions (Ad Is) never put themselves in the position of requiring a bail out or a wind up. That’s ‘Plan A’ for Australia.

John P:
In Britain many banks would be hesitant to accept over £3,000 (about $4,200) in cash since it might have been the proceeds of crime. But anybody could deposit a cheque for £20,000, or make a transfer from another account into their account.

On the sale of a house the amount paid would be well over £20,000.

Casey Y:
You can deposit a $20 million in your bank account.

If you are asking at what threshold the bank will notify the IRS…its far lower than that.

you can deposit any amount you have and want to deposit, there may be some question about where the money came from and if the money is legitimate
there will be a hold a good portion of it until it is checked out for legitmacy
Of course you can. But the bank might ask questions. If you spend most of the time hovering around zero then suddenly throw in 20,000 they will ask where it came from. They have to because of money laundering regulations.
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