Can you ask the bank to factor in moving costs with a mortgage?

Is that possible?

Best Answer:

A. Ross: Not really. Moving costs vary tremendously: How far will you move? How much will you pack? What stuff will you be taking with you? Can you do some of the moving and packing yourself? What are the ancillary costs? (address changes, new licenses, insurance rate changes, etc.)

Other answer:

A. Ross:
you can ask, but the answer shall be no…
not part of any mortgage, no
not part of any mortgage, no
Elaine M:
You may be thinking of 'refinancing' ability. When I refinanced they asked if I wanted to roll in my credit card debt into the total. I told them no. (I pay that off in full each month).

With mortgage setups they don't add extra in for anything else, sorry.

Donald B:
They will not do it. The mortgage is based on the house and your credit you cannot just throw in other charges.
You can ask for whatever you want, but it won't happen.
Moving costs have nothing to do with the mortgage and are completely separate.
The bank will not factor those costs in.

Wow, everyone with the correct answer of "No" is getting thumbs down.
Well, ask the bank and get the "No" right from them.

nope..if you don't even have moving costs, you are in no position to buy a house….what happens if a person is out of work?

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