Can you cash a check without a bank account?

I am 16 and I just got a job. They issue checks for payment and I dont have a bank account. Can I just cash the check at the bank they wrote it from or do I have to open up a bank account? The bank that they use is Chase by the way.

Best Answer:

medina: Yes, but be prepared to pay $7 to Chase for the privilege.

For an FYI. The check is actually an order from the account holder (your employer) who had entrusted the bank (Chase) with some of their money. Thats why it is worded funny. It orders the bank to pay a certain person some of their money.

I bank with Chase for my business and had an employee who was just cashing the checks at Chase and, of course, paying the fee. I called the guy that usually deals with my accounts and asked him what right he has to charge someone when it's my money, and I have given them a check. He sort of waffled around the issue and then said that he would make sure that they didn't charge the employee any more. But I swear they are a bunch of thieves.

Well how do you like that? You ask a simple question, and get an answer, then a reason, and then a story to go with it.

Other answer:

Contact your payroll department. Many large companies have arrangements with local banks to allow employees to cash payroll checks without fees. You should also consider OPENING an account. Assuming you have proper ID, you should be able to use the check as you initial deposit to open an account at nearly any bank.
You could, but that's the dumbest thing you can ever do because you have to pay a fee to get your check cashed without a bank account. Get your parents to open one up for you.
For convenience for you, open a bank account and deposit your pay checks.

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