Do you think you are a person that can be trusted with great wealth or treasure? Why do you believe so?

Best Answer:

Alex: Something happened a while back to make me see that even though i thought of myself as a pretty decent trustworthy, upright guy, there's a whole lot of darkness lurking under the surface. Made me question the motives I have for doing most of the kind deeds I do, made me question my morality, made me see that I cannot be trusted with most of what can be considered valuable, that i was just self deceived. Its like Dorian grey looking at that portrait of himself and seeing the real him. I didn't like what i saw.
It was a sad truth to swallow 🙁

Other answer:

I would be, if only someone wold hire me.

I save more than I spend. I know how to make a dollar stretch. I buy more needs (food) and fewer wants (trinkets).

has no bearing on my responsibility, it is not my money, it is my safekeeping
yes I can honestly say that handling money that belongs to someone else has no bearing on my responsibility, it is not my money, it is my safekeeping
I know I am, because integrity is very important to me. More important than wealth.
I teach wealth building seminars, so I hope so.
Yes. I have been, and am. I've fulfilled my duty to respect great personal, intellectual, and monetary property.
No one can be trusted with great wealth unless he has earned it himself.
Honesty, no. I'm very bad with handling my own finances. I always blow my money on cars or expensive restaurants with my girlfriend.
I often handle money for others. I never felt that it was "money" or "valuable" to me because it is simply not mine. It has high value, but meaningless.
You walk by a Corvette- you don't think of it as YOURS… because it is not.

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