Do you trust your bank?

Best Answer:

Jamie: Sure, they add pretty good, and have never lost track of my money. Their service can be slow at times, and they have started adding more fees to do things, but I trust them.

Other answer:

a level of trust. i woud'nt trust them with my health and or trust them to give me what is mine in a timely manner.
i trust there are loop holes and other evel doings i use a bank out of easiness. its much easier to pay a bill with a few clicks than it is to write a check or get a money order
I do not trust any bank, only credit unions.
Barry A:
Of course I do.
Kathy S:
99.5%. My dad lived through the Great Depression of the 1930's, and he had zero trust for them. I think there are enough safeguards in place nowadays, but I would never say never. Unexpected things could happen, I suppose.
I keep my money there so there is, obviously, some level of trust.

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