Does bank charges a fee for sending or receiving money from abroad?

Best Answer:

Richard: They will normally charge a fee for sending funds abroad and either the sending or receiving bank will then charge for converting the currency into the local currency of the receiving bank (if the local currency is different). A bank receiving funds in local currency would not normally make any charge, although that can depend on how the funds are transferred (electronic transfer, interbank transfer, banker's draft, etc). The general principle is the bank will charge for anything that is not totally automated in accordance with the local banking process.

Other answer:

Usually for sending not for receiving
of course they do, that is wire transfer and has a fee attached to each
It's their choice if they want to charge you or not. If you have a large sum, in most cases they will waive it
Yes. Banks charge for everything they can get away with.
Yes they do charge fee for the remittance service internal and abroad.
They can, it depends on the bank, how the money is coming, etc. You need to check with your bank as even with the same bank, the answer can vary depending on what account you have and what perks the account offers.
Yes they do.

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