Does unlimited check writing mean I get free checks?

when i opened my pnc account i was not given a checkbook, but my account has "unlimited check writing", what does that mean?

Best Answer:

Mamawisdom: No. It means that they bank will not charge you a fee for processing the checks you write and you may write as many as you want to. As for the actual checks, you probably need to order those. Call the bank and ask.

Other answer:

It means you can write an unlimited number of checks with no fee. You will have to pay for checks. (Some banks charge a fee if you have more than X number of transactions in a month–say 50.) So your offer is a good one if you write a large number of checks each month, and not so valuable if you write a dozen or so.
It just means there is no limit on how many checks you are allowed to write in a month or other time period. It doesn't speak at all to where you get those checks from.
No it usually means there are no charges for writing a check. You still have to buy the checks.

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