Every piece of literature you'll ever read about making money will repeat that being frugal is key.?

My question is why work so hard to earn the money if you aren't going to use it to enjoy luxuries like boats or cars?

Best Answer:

Chase: Because only million and billionaires can afford to spend money on boats and cars. If you're not in either of those groups, you have to watch what you save more carefully. Because you aren't in the same financial security that they are, you have to focus on putting your money into retirement funds, insurance, and a good future for you and your family members. Sadly, while being able to purchase luxuries whenever the heart desires is a lovely fantasy, for people who aren't insanely rich, we have to face reality. Even when it sucks.

Other answer:

You have to be frugal when you start out but once you have amassed a lot of money and have a good amount coming in then you can get luxuries like boats or expensive cars
Elaine M:
Because people who are frugal plan for the future, they don't blow everything they make right away to feel like they 'have stuff'.

It's not that hard a concept.

Simple, it is NOT how much money you make it is HOW much you keep. Toys can be RENTED (boats/cars) for the occasional fun but they are BAD investments

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