Give me ways to live frugally?

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Amanda: live below your means, buy furniture and appliances second hand, look at thrift shops or consignment shops for clothing especially coats and jackets. no eating out, no convenience foods for the microwave, coffee and breakfast at home, brown bag your lunch, make your own dinners, make enough for a second night or lunches. don't drink or smoke, borrow movies from the library. cut back on your TV, Internet and phone plans.

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Look at everything you spend on during a week. Find a few items you blow money on… for me it was cafe lunches, soda and parking at the expensive near to work lot. Figure a portion of the saving you would have for each time you didn't do the list: For me it was 3.50 for bringing a lunch, 50 cents for skipping the soda, and $2.00 for parking in the far lot. Keep track of your payouts during the week for each time you did the savings thing. End of the week move half into an online savings account for your savings and investment and half into getting something big you really want (trip, car, PS4, whatever…)

This is how I started out reversing my spending ways and began living super frugally.

Leafsfan29-Embrace the drought!:
Make a budget with income and expenses (what your current monthly expenses are- go line by line).

Look at each expense; do you have an opportunity to reduce it or eliminate it (can you get a cheaper cable TV package, look at the mobile/home phone plan you're on, look at how much money you spend on food (reduce the number of meals you eat in restaurants), etc.).

Don't spend money on anything you can make yourself or do without.
Don't buy things you don't need,DIY somethings and enjoy it.
Barry A:
Don't eat out – brown bag your lunch.
Don't go to expensive coffee shops and pay $5.00 for a cup of coffee that you can make for 10 cents

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