Have you ever taken an advance on an inheritance you are expecting?

I cannot find anything about rates that are charged and hoped someone on here could give me an idea of what percentage these companies charge. thank you
YES, there are several financial institutions who advance monies on an inheritance, including J G Wentworth.

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Jamie: I can't believe anyone would do such a thing. I have heard it all now.

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That's disgusting and disgraceful and dispicable and deplorable.
Yes I have
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In the US, this would convert non-taxable income to taxable income.
Be VERY careful if you decide to do this as you COULD end up receiving far less money that you have been left.

Basically, after the person who left you the money has died and you have received $x from their estate, SOME institutions will lend you money in anticipation of your receiving $x from the estate. When the estate money is distributed, the $x you advanced is paid direct to the lender and you receive any balance.

Charges vary according to lender and you usually have to be in receipt of a minimum amount from the deceased estate.

to be honest unless you are seriously desperate for money, this is NOT something you should do.

to find out about rates and charges and admin fees – you would need to contact individual lenders and ask them for an indication of costs

No one would give an advance on something you may or may not get at some unknown time in the future.

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