How can I get successful and wealthy before I turn 25?

There is this lady on youtube who is 22 with a husband and 2 kids who owns a company. I grew up kind lf poor. How can I get successful young? I'm unable to join the military due to my anxiety. I wish I was 22, married, had 2 kids, and a good paying job.

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deontaj: Risk

Without those you will never be rich.

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Being successful and being wealthy are two very, very different things, unless you define success only by how much money you have.
You have to have some experience/talent and regcognize the opportunities that will allow you to become wealthy and successful. Many wish for success and wealth but few reach that goal. First you should work on overcoming your anxiety as that is not a personality that leads toward your goal. Learn a skill and gain experience that receives the income you desire. Generally being a business owner leads toward where you want to go.
thomas f:
The very best way to slide into a good paying job is to go to University and graduate with a STEM degree. For instance, supermodel Cindy Crawford is a Chemical Engineer.

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