How can I make money?

I am a 14 year old guy in Illinois. How do I make money without any allowance? I want to make at least 20 dollars a week.

Best Answer:

Christian: best ways are to advertise as a tutor for grammar school kids (many parent will pay $10+ an hour for a tutor to help for one hour a day with the kids' homework), look on for sitting jobs which are really for after school homework help. also, try your skill at cutting grass, trimming trees and bushes, it is good cash job work

Other answer:

Babysit, get a paper route, mow lawns, help people clean out garages. The good thing about helping with clean-outs is, you might get to keep some discards, which could be sold online for extra bucks.
baby sitting, pet sitting, yard work, maybe housework, doing errands, helping other people do what they need to do they are willing to pay for
Soccer Referee. You can get $50 a Saturday for 4 hours work.
do other kids homework in your class and if there is a group project, do all the work and have everyone in the group pay you.
mow lawns
See if any houses in your neighborhood are for sale, AND vacant. Call that Realtor, and offer to cut the grass every 7 to 10 days, for $30.
go and gamble. place bets and you could win
Mixtapes, fidget spinners, and some sweet Mineblox

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