How can I save money on gas?

I have very limited money to spend on gas. I have rewards cards but those don't seem to help much. I drive smooth and use cruise control. Does anyone have any tips on saving money on gas?

Best Answer:

matthew: Take off the cruise control. Cruise control actually uses more gas than you driving the car.

No jack rabbit starts, burns extra gas.

Don't tailgate. Not only dangerous but also uses more gas unless you are so close you can draft, and even the professionals have trouble doing that with other professionals.

Don't drive too slow, but don't speed. Most new cars get their best fuel mileage when on the highway between 57 and 63 mph. So when on the highway try to stay between those speeds.

Down shift going up hill. Use your RPM's to climb the hill instead of the gas pedal.

Other answer:

Above your tires being properly inflated, ensure your maintenance is up to date on the car. Clean oil, a clean air filter and properly functioning spark plugs make a huge difference in your car's gas mileage. Also, make sure you remove excess weight from the car (driving around a trunk full of stuff will lower your gas mileage).
Combine trips. Plan so you can go to the grocery store, the dry cleaners and the hardware store on one trip, not on three different days.
1. Smaller car
2. Motorcycle
3. Ride a bike.
4. Carpool.
Using cruise control is remarkably money-saving. Since you already have that – drive less.
Make sure you tires are completely inflated. Walk or ride a bike everywhere
Walk to work, or take the bus.
Max Hoopla:
Take the bus.

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