How could someone get section 8 quickly?

My best friend and I were talking She was sharing how she has been on the section 8 waiting list for 8 years and they still haven't called her! I feel badly cause she truly does need it Is there any advise I could give her on what to do to help her get it faster possibly? (Don't know anything about

My best friend and I were talking She was sharing how she has been on the section 8 waiting list for 8 years and they still haven't called her! I feel badly cause she truly does need it Is there any advise I could give her on what to do to help her get it faster possibly? (Don't know anything about the program) a couple years ago she went to a shelter and now she found a place but why is the wait so long? I hate to see her struggle the way she does.

Is there a way to have them call her quicker?

We live in northern California (if that helps)

Should she call fair housing? Maybe they skipped her?

She mentioned that someone she knows whom applied after her has gotten section 8. That doesn't seem fair? Poor girl needs help 🙁

Best Answer:

Leah: First she needs to make sure she is still on the waiting list. The housing authority sends out waiting list update forms every few years. If a person moves and does not inform the HA in writing the update form will be sent to the old address. Households who do not respond to update forms are taken off the list.

By law, a HA must provide 75% of its voucher to applicants whose incomes do not exceed 30% of the area median income. If your friend has an income between 30% and 50% of the AMI her wait will be longer. Households are chosen from the the waiting list based on local preference points followed by application date. Generally the preference points system goes like this: working resident families with children, resident seniors or disabled, resident families with children not working, others. Most give some points to veterans. The others category depends on the HA. Some give more preference to non-resident seniors and disabled. Other HAs give preference to residents with no other preference points. Your friend will only get a voucher after all the households with more preference points have been served no matter the date of application.

It is unlikely anyone will be issued a new voucher this year. The federal government has been cutting HUD's funding for years. Now with the sequester HAs are in dire financial straits. Most HAs have stopped reissuing vouchers when households leave the program. HAs are taking furlough days, laying off workers, and selling public housing to make ends meet. There has been talk that some HAs may have to eliminate households already receiving vouchers.

The quickest way to get a voucher is to apply to any and all open waiting list across the country. Getting a housing voucher in CA is like winning the lottery, not very likely. Generally the shortest wait times are for small to medium city HAs with low payment standards i.e. not in CA. Some of these HAs do not have residency preferences because there is nothing drawing out of area applicants to them. If the application is not online ask them to mail one. The out of area applicant who gets a voucher has to live in the issuing HA's coverage area for a year before they become eligible to port, move their voucher to another HA.

Other answer:

that's the way it is, housing like this is very scarce especially in light of those applying to get it
she will simply have to continue to wait
Pascal the Gambler:
There is no way to magically speed up the process.
Depending on which state you live in, the waiting list is anywhere from 3 to 13 years. You'll have to get in line.
really? she NEEDS it…where is she living now? why can't she get roommates and share expenses? if you can't afford rent..its simple, you don't have kids you can't afford. 4 adults sharing a 2 bedroom can support themselves.

the wait is so long because of all the deadbeat moochers who plan to have taxpayers support them and their kids.

there are some priority lists..such as disabled, senior…

There are those on the waiting list who are higher in priority; e.g. families with children, the disabled, the elderly.

I do not understand why it is she isn't doing something to improve her situation; e.g. taking classes and gaining skills which would pay her well in the workplace.

I find it difficult to believe that she hasn't recontacted section 8 for status. Is she that helpless?

Unffortunately, most of the people ahead of her on the list also really need it.
You are concerned about your friend and her financial situation.

There are others in the same financial situation or worse than your friend. This is the reason a system of sign up and wait your turn,

Your friend has been on the section8 waiting list for 8 years and have been struggling since.

She has not enrolled in any career school to learn a trade or skill to offer a potential employer?

A trade school normally is about a year in duration and most guarantee a job upon completion of the school. Many of these trade schools offer tuition assistance to be paid once a person has a job in the profession they are trained in.

Even with children, if she wanted to better herself she could have found baby sitters, through family members and doing the same for other parents that would gladly babysit in exchange for baby sitting their children.

Your friends decision is to wait for section 8.

She has just been waiting on section 8 to come through for her?

I hope this has been of some benefit to you, good luck.


Eight years ? On section 8 waiting list ?
What she needs is a library card and kick in buttocks.
Eight years and she hasn't decided to change her life?
NOT ur problem to help HER.
It's a life choice.
Plenty of ways to increase her income and afford housing in Northern Ca.
If NOT plenty of other states have affordable housing and employment.

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