How could there be an atm withdrawal I never made on my card when I ve had it the whole time?

Best Answer:

KaleyK: Bad guys can make a duplicate of your card …… my bank called me one time to ask if I was in Spain using my debit card. I've never been to Spain nor has been debit card. But it happens! Call your bank immediately (There should be a 800 number on the card) and report the transaction as fraud.

Other answer:

I used a debit card to pay at the pump and thieves skimmed the card and made duplicate card to go on a shopping spree. I noticed it when there were several large purchases from stores I never been to.
Possible if someone had a card skimmer in an ATM or at gas station, etc. and camera to see you enter your PIN.
Either your account has been hacked or you lost track of the withdrawals. The first thing you should consider doing is changing your password!
contact your bank ASAP

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