How do I cash a very, very large check without depositing into my account?

I don't want to deposit this check or my separated husband can withdraw – how do I cash

Best Answer:

vaughan: sign it then have a friend second-sign it and deposit it (some banks no longer will accept checks like this, so check first)

A currency exchange should be able to cash it if it is a company check (but will take some money out of it)

another option – open up another account at a different bank in your name only. deposit it and then have no worries that your husband can get it.

3 options to choose from!

Other answer:

Start another account and only put your name on it. Or take the check and have it put into a short-term CD in your name. And of course, you could just cash it, but you said that it was a very large check and perhaps you do not want to have that mush cash laying around.
No one will cash a very large check without clearng the funds first. Open another account discreetly under your name only and do not get Bank statement at home.
Open your own bank account. They will not cash a very large check.
Contact your bank in advance. If the amount is larger than your account balance, they probably WON'T allow you to actually cash the check. Even if the will, they may not routinely have sufficient cash at the branch to cover checks larger than customers routinely cash. It may be necessary to give them a few days to order a larger than normal shipment.

I recommend the advice of others that suggest opening a new account in your name only.

my 2 cents:
You could open a new account in your name only, and deposit it in there.

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