How do i earn money at young age?

i clean and work around my house and i ask for money and they say yes but they never pay me so what can i do to earn money?

Best Answer:

xavier: You can't have a real job. You can rake leaves, mow lawns, baby sit. and all the other things that teens do to earn money. However, there have been kids who learned computer programming and coding and developed phone apps that earned them many thousands of dollars. So it depends on your willingness to work, ability to learn new things (like programming), and the time you have available to do it.

Other answer:

They pay you in food and warmth and care and everything you need, and love.

You earn money by doing the jobs they don't want to do. What you do depends how old you are, but if you can do them well enough your options are

household chores – washing up, hovering, dusting, cleaning bathroom & toilets;

gardening & yard cleaning – mowing lawns, raking leaves, weeding, watering plants;

dog walking;

babysitting; ,

car washing & hovering/cleaning it inside

You can also ask for money instead of presents for birthdays & Christmas & Easter & Thanksgiving – & any time gifts are given.

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Kathy S:
Ask again. If that doesn't work, have a meeting about the problem. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Be persistent.
I wish someone would clean my garage, rake leaves, wash windows, wash n wax my car, clean raingutters, repaint the address on my curb….
This time of year, you can shovel snow for your neighbors.

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