How do I make money?

I am an 11 year old and I want to make money! I need to know how I can make a lot of cash. I can't do any chores or housework to make money because my Grandmother won't let me do it, I can't do any neighborhood work (Mowing grass, lemonade stand, etc). I need to know how to make money

Best Answer:

RodgerC: Look for a business opportunity that fits you and jump in. I created my own comic book business with out my parents knowledge when I was 7, because I didn't get any sort of allowance and wanted money. I even made $1,000.00 in one day at the age of 8. (They found out about the comic book business when their 8 year old was suddenly flush with cash. They thought I was dealing drugs for the money.) Anyway, find a niche that needs filling that you have access to, and fill it. It could be that you can fix broken gaming consoles and resell them. Maybe you can create an entertaining or useful app. Maybe you can custom paint bicycles. Or perhaps there is a toy or tool you know how to build that others would be willing to purchase. Good Luck.

Other answer:

Wait till your 14 and get a job and if people won't pay for your stuff ask them for pocket money so you can pay for your own stuff.
Buy junk food in bulk at the wholesale price, then sell it at school for the retail price.
Elaine M:
I, too, have done homemade comics and sold them. It was worth it.

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