How do you make money online legally?

Like earn money online without it being a scam

Best Answer:

James: – buy stuff from china, sell them on ebay.
– Make porn videos
– gamble
– start a youtube career (or other social media)
– make products and sell them on your own site
– offer homework services

Other answer:

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Take surveys and earn money watching videos and surfing the web. It's easy to earn money in some spare time. Some easy, reliable, high resulting ones are:
Unless you have some special skill that most people don't have, you don't.
You can sell a product or products with an online store. You can setup a site similar to Craig's list. You can post original music for sail on various sites like Reverb Nation or Spotify. A very dangerous way is to become a day trader in stocks that is buy and sell stocks on line liking for short term fluctuations in prices in order to cash in on prophets quickly.
Stock exchange and forex can make you millionaire.
Unless you know how to play, you might end up losing all your money.

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