How do you personally save money? I need to start saving and could do with some advice!?

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Jackdyer97: Saving is a habit and like any habit, you just need to get organized and it soon becomes second nature.

Not sure if you are working or a student or what – so depending on your situation things might be a different.

Basically make a list of your expenses – be that rent / board money to mum / bus fares – ie the money you HAVE to spend each week / month

Look at whats left – THAT is your 'leisure money' ie for nights out, holidays, clothes etc and that is also partly your saving money. Give yourself a 'leisure money' allowance for the week. Under half of what you have left though ! Take that money out in CASH each week. Using cash makes you much more aware of how much money you have spent.

What is left is your savings. Now personally I found it easier to set up TWO basic savings accounts you might find the same – account 1 – is your retirement / disaster funds – ie money you do NOT touch. Account 2 is your every day savings – so say want to save up for a holiday or a car. ie money you CAN touch for special occasions.

from what is left I would put 25% of that amount into your retirement savings fund – I started with that over 20 years go and to date have NEVER touch a penny of what is in that account. the remaining 75% goes into your second savings account.

Set up a direct debit after you get paid each month, so the money automatically goes from your main account into the savings accounts

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it is called a bank
You don't spend money on items you want but just the items you need

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