How much advance notice should I give my boss about my retirement plans?

I am a bank teller and have worked at this bank for 17 years. I turn 65 in mid June and plan to retire June 30th. My bosses are ok but I just wonder. They do have an idea that I am ready.

Best Answer:

ponygirl: Along about now, I would make an appointment to see someone in Human Resources about this.
During the meeting, I would ask about any retirement benefits I was eligible for and ask for something in writing. I would tell the people in human resources that you are "thinking" about retiring this summer and what kind of notice would be appropriate or appreciated by them.
Sometimes, an employer really appreciated an advance notice in as much as 30 days before an employee retired. If they have enough time, they can list your job and hope to promote from within or advertise for your position. You may even be called upon to help train a new hire. Believe me, this is very much appreciated.

And they can plan an appropriate party for you, too!
But I would make that appointment and talk with human resources now. Remember you can give your notice whenever….but 30 days is appreciated.

Other answer:

"My bosses are ok but I just wonder." Wonder about WHAT? Are you worried about them letting you go early? Are you worried about them making your life nasty once you tell them? Are you worried about them throwing a tacky "over the hill" birthday/retirement party that you do not want? We do not have ESP.

Unless you have an employment contract or some kind of official retirement process necessary, you're just quitting, right? It's polite to give two weeks' notice. It's polite to give longer notice if you have a "key" position that will take considerable time to fill.

Give however much notice you want to give. Legally you aren't obligated to give any (unless you have a contract). You didn't tell us what your actual concerns were so not sure how you want us to help.

A Hunch:
a month or so is good.

On a side note:
Are you aware that the full social security benefit age for someone born in 1952 is 66 years old?
This means if you retire in 2017, if you start taking SS benefits in 2017, you will receive a reduce amount than if you waited until 2018 to retire.

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Linda R:
Talk to your boss now and then with HR.
a month or so

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