How much money do you have?

I have $12,700 in one bank account, $4,940 in my second and $2,999 in my third. I save a lot.
I put aside money each pay day, buy cheap things and basic groceries and go without to save money.

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?: $9.11

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that's a really loaded question, if you are 54 years old that is not too good, if you are 22 years old that is GREAT!

I am 37 and between my IRA, Stock market account, and back savings account I have around $82,000 the balance can go up and down more than 1,000 in a day, and I only have arounbd 64% of my money in the stock market and it is in some very boring dividnend paying stocks,

God bless

A small loan of $50
The amount of "money" you have is meaningless. Its your Net Worth you want to keep tabs on. If you have $12,000 in the bank and $84,000 in credit card debt, you're not doing so hot financial.

Net Worth = Assets – Liabilities

I track all my assets and liabilities every month on a spreadsheet and have for years, its been the single best tool I've used to build wealth.

You are much much better than me.
I have only 50$ in a account and I don't spend money on anything because I don't have job. I am 23 year old and i hate money. B
Elaine M:
Why are you posting personal information online?
great, now what I have in mine is none of your business
I have a dollar in my wallet.
Im negative 320.36

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