How much money is "6 figures"?

So I have a friend at the college we used to go to together bragging about how this new job is going to pay him a "6 figure salary" or something like that! Just wanna know: how much does that mean exactly? How much is "6 figures"???

Best Answer:

kevin: 100,000 or more

Other answer:

over 10^5 $
100,000 (count the digits) or more. A million is called 7-figure
Anything over 100 thousand dollars. When you hear that people make in the 6 figures then they are bankers.
it means a 100,000 or more… count the digits in 100,000.. there are 6
Anything in the hundreds of thousands ($100,000+)
John H:
100,000-00 upwards
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Donald B:
1,00000 count the digits. He makes at least 100K
D J:
000,000.00 Six digits before the change .00.
six figures, ie x x x, x x x

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