How much money will lowering the heat 1-2 degrees save overall?

I am very poor but also very cold. I keep the thermostat around 63, but can hardly afford to pay my heating and electric bills. If I lower it to 61 will it save me a decent amount of money?

Best Answer:

EvilFairies: not much because the way electricity company charge, less than half of the charge is pertaining to the energy consumption, the other half of the charge they used some fancy name like "delivery fee", when they sent people to repair the powerline, the cost is included in your bill

i am poor too, i found out that the largest expenses are 40% shelter and 40% food, shelter not much you can do once you decided where to live, but food you can save a lots through bargain hunting

Other answer:

Will save you nothing.
Ur problem is money.
Know what where how to use libraries in ur country ?
Plenty of books on how to figure out what you want to b when grown-up and NOT poor.
Plenty of books on how to get educated and started locally being self-employed
Typically, utilities can't turn off one's utilities during the winter months.
that's too cold. keep it at 66 and just put yourself on a payment plan.

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