How should i fundrasise £3500?

Hello, i am 15 and in a year and a half i am going to kenya for 3 weeks, to help people out there and build schools and wells and stuff. the only thing is i need to make £3500 to go and i have no idea how to make that much or how to fund raise it. any ideas?

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YouAreDumb: There are several things you can do. First of all, I would set up a GoFundMe page and advertise it to friends, and you could raise quite a bit of money. You could also ask all of your family for money, and have bake sales or other basic fundraising events.

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this is pure tokenism kenya doesn't need 15 year olds to build schools and wells , I have been to nairobi and mombasa several times and despite the numerous dead bodies that litter the streets there are plenty of able bodied men there who can work , at one time kenya provided near 90% of the world's coffee and many other agricultural products , mismanagement has reduced it to a mess
Sponsored run?? like 10k? sponsored silence?? sponsored three legged day? (that one is really difficult) or do all 3?

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