How to earn $30 quickly?

Im 14 and need $30 dollars, how can i get that money?

Best Answer:

Kylie: The same way I got it when I was your age.

Yard work

– Mow lawns
– Rake leaves
– Shovel snow

Other answer:

Use the website "prizerebel".
I've earned like two thousand dollars on there just for taking surveys and there are weekly lottery where you can win a lot of money.
I can pay you $30 paypal if you were a real good artist.
Get a job? Lemonade stand? Offer to mow lawns (though you won't get far this time of year) or do other jobs. Shovel driveways? etc etc
Jiraiya The Gallant:
Ask your parents
beg, or get a temp job by asking around local restaurants/caf├ęs/shops
De-poo the yards of neighbors who have dogs.
shovel snow

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