How to get a ton of money with as little work as possible?

Best Answer:

Donald Trump Did Nothing Wrong: win the lottery, find a stash no one will claim, inherit or ————-

Other answer:

Donald Trump Did Nothing Wrong:
rob/ "find" drug dealers money… obviously this is dangerous if you get caught but if you don't the chances are the money for the life of me cannot get traced back to you and it will definitely not get reported missing…
Find a widow that was formerly married to a doctor, lawyer, dentist, or stock broker. Then move into her house. Wearing her X-husband's underwear is optional.
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Steven S:
Inherit it. Sorry, but that's about it.
Max Hoopla:
Steal it.
Pascal the Gambler:
Win the lottery
Win the lottery.
The only way to make money without working is to win the lotto. Otherwise, go work your *** off and earn it. The more you put in, the more you get out. Simple facts of life.
Would like to know, too.

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